Ian Golden, Small-Business Owner

A Leader Who Listens for New York's 23rd District


Ian was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, where his teachers often missed school on the first day of hunting season, and the best salaries in town were earned by roofers. Ian has spent 18 years of his life based in Tompkins County. He arrived as a student, studied occupational therapy, met his wife, Sherry, and started a family. After working several years with children with autistic spectrum disorders and in rehabilitation clinics, he decided to focus on his passion for running. Over time, he has started four small businesses, including a retail store in Ithaca and an events-planning organization, so he could share his passion with others.

Ian considers himself lucky, though he has to work long hours at several part-time occupations in order to keep his businesses afloat. His work brings him in daily contact with the public — with his customers, with nearby shop owners, food vendors and passersby, with professors, students, locals, and the homeless. 
Ian thrives on these personal interactions and has an encouraging word for everyone. 

Ian's work also brings him in daily contact with the concerns and frustrations of many small-business owners and their employees. How will they all be able to continue to afford health care insurance? How can they keep their retail businesses going when their customers have less and less disposable income? How can they afford childcare, and later college education, for their children, without working such long hours that they never see their children or partners? These challenges have been weighing on Ian's mind for several years.


After noticing that few others seemed willing to stand up to the special interests and lobbyists in Congress and address these issues, Ian decided that he would run for office himself. He would offer to bring his down-to-earth, practical business skills to the nation's capital — as well as his dedication to family, community, and country. He plans to represent his constituents with integrity, and to focus his attention on the economy, health care, and cleaning up our government.