Make Government Work

I believe that our government is out of touch with the majority of our country. Too many of our elected officials are corrupted by a system that is focused on raising money, serving special interests, and consolidating power. A “political aisle” has been created, which keeps us divided and distracted, while wealth and power continue to concentrate in the hands of the controlling few.

We need to make our government more transparent, hold our elected officials accountable, and ensure that our elections are open and fair. 

We need to get big money out of politics. 

  • I will be disclosing all my donors and will not be accepting any money from SuperPACs. Candidates and elected officials should be beholden to their constituents, not their campaign funders.
  • I believe SuperPACS should be banned and that campaigns and PACs need to disclose all donors who give more than $200.
  • I would support campaign donation limits on individuals and corporations, limits on media spending, and strong enforcement of laws already in place. 


We need to make sure our elections are secure, transparent, and accurate, and our elected officials must champion voting rights and access. 

  • I support making Election Day a national holiday, with all states offering early voting and same-day voter registration. 
  • We need to restore the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
  • I believe paper ballots that can be scanned electronically are more secure than electronic voting.
  • I believe all final counts for elections should be done by hand, in the open, with representatives of all campaigns present (if they so choose), and live-streaming to the public.
  • I support moving to a national popular vote system for presidential elections.
  • Districts should be drawn by independent entities so constituents choose their representatives, instead of representatives choosing their constituents. 
  • I support changes to our party nomination processes to make it easier for outsider candidates to have a fair chance.
  • I support requiring that all federal and statewide elected public officials — and candidates for these offices — release their tax returns.


We need to encourage true public servants and discourage those with self-serving motives.

  • Approximately one-third of our registered voters currently choose not to affiliate with any party, out of frustration — and then have no say in choosing either of the two major nominees in any given race. We need to move to open primaries (or California-style, semi-open primaries), and ranked-choice run-off voting (or "jungle primaries") so that more voters get a say in who runs for office and who wins elections.
  • I believe that our current system unfairly favors incumbents, who are able to use their government offices and resources to send material to their constituents and generally gain more exposure. We need to discuss how to support new voices. Statistics show that roughly 90 percent of incumbents win reelection.
  • I believe candidates for special elections to fill vacancies must be chosen by voters, not by party leaders.
  • I support legislation that would interrupt the revolving door between elected office, government employment, and employment in regulated industries. This revolving door results in too many conflicts of interest and too much corruption.