Priorities For Our District

New York's 23rd District: 7,372 square miles of fertile ground and hard-working communities


Bordered on the west by the largest system of freshwater lakes in the world, New York’s Congressional District 23 extends eastward through a particularly gorgeous landscape. Rolling hills supply Concord grapes to the nation, and our forests provide a backdrop for recreational pursuits, from hiking waterfalls and creeks to hunting turkey and deer. Our hills set the stage for vibrant ski towns, and our natural resources have been used to heat our homes, drive our manufacturing, and employ our workforce. Vegetables, grains, dairy, and meat are provided by our abundant farmlands, accompanied by increasingly exciting wine options from our local vineyards. Artists, professionals, and farmers flock to our region to study at the colleges and universities that anchor many of our local economies and offer some of the most respected programs of study in the world. Corporations in our district, from Fancher Furniture to Corning Incorporated, provide skilled opportunities for our workers. We have much to be proud of in our district.


Our district is also facing many challenges. and too many of our workers and communities have been left behind. From Sanmina in Owego to Dresser Rand in Wellsville, we continue to lose careers in manufacturing, and our remaining union workers are under attack. Without those dependable, living-wage career paths, our youth, workforce, and families flee the region. Too many new jobs pay unlivable wages with no benefits, and families are unable to afford continually rising health insurance premiums. Cuts to Medicaid and Medicare have compounded the problem, leaving many of our rural medical centers struggling to stay open and treat the need. Our farms are challenged by rising property taxes, unaffordable health insurance, labor shortages, and an increasingly unpredictable climate. Industrial pollution has left community lands toxic, and our neglected infrastructure has left too many of our schools with undrinkable water.

There’s a lot to address and the solutions aren’t always easy. Over the coming weeks and months, I will be writing up detailed plans to address many of these inter-related topics, including links to already written legislative proposals that I plan to co-sponsor if I am elected to Congress.