Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, Ian has spent 18 years of his life based out of Tompkins County as a student, father of two daughters, and a husband. He’s worked hard but also considers himself lucky to have gotten four small businesses off the ground, creating jobs in — and becoming integral to — his local communities. This year brought a tipping point, as he watched a country engulfed in division, and the vast majority of Americans being neglected, all steered by politicians and a system fraught with corruption.

This is not the world that he’s willing to leave to his daughters. He’s committed to stepping up, using his experience in business and community integration to create a movement that brings new vision, energy, and action to the service of our country. Committed to working outside of party lines and boxes to unite the people and businesses of our district. To getting things done and returning integrity and service to the representation of New York’s 23rd District.

The most consistent question I’m asked is “Why are you running?” To that I say:

I’m finished watching politicians too bent on raising money for their next election and moving up the political chain than effectively representing the people. My Representative will have occasional photoshoots for media exposure, spins on why tax cuts to the wealthy and deregulation of banks help business in this country, fast tracks for fossil fuel projects with little long-term economic injection, an absence of vision for how to bring living wage jobs back to our communities, connection with the issues that really matter to our farms and vineyards, or the ability to plan for the rapid changes occurring in technology. All of which he calls “Problem Solving”. To that I say that we’re long past having a use for politicians spinning economic realities, patting us on the backs while picking our pockets, undermining the foundations of our communities to the gain of private interests and profiteers, and shelling environmental protections which look out for the health of our families, planet, and resources needed by our economies. It’s time for new energy and vision.

As the founder and owner of several small businesses in upstate New York I know full well that my focus remains on hard work, unwavering honesty and integrity, and serving rather than simply profiting from my community. As I began to think on and research my platforms I opted for the title, The Do List. This isn’t just about my thoughts on rosy liberal theories of how to make our communities better places to live. As a business owner there’s little room for fancy rhetoric, spin, or ideas detached from reality on the ground. You either come up with practical solutions and pathways to get the work done in team efforts or you don’t make it. I’m here to make a difference, to work hard together with a wave of fresh energy and visions coming into Congress in uniting our Country and moving us forward in Progressive fashion.

Further in this site you’ll find visions and mechanisms for what I will work for to provide further resources, support the ingenuity, and drive the inspiration across District 23. Counties and communities rooted deeply in hard work, family, innovation, and progress. I’ll be on the ground constantly, not just to show face and shake hands like too many politicians, but to genuinely connect and listen. Together we can shape a plan and future to rebuild our communities and this country.

Let’s do this.