Agriculture and Food Security

From apples to grapes, milk to beef, barley to beets, our district is rooted in agriculture and our farms are critical components of our local economies. Our farmers need further support in accessing business resources, affordable land and health care, and provisions to expand their markets. With the Farm Bill up in 2018, and the pressure of increasing challenges and secondary budget constraints, our farmers need a stronger voice in Congress.

Resource Acquisition 

  • Micro and Guaranteed Farm Loans to ensure our farmers' access to capital when needed
  • Conservation Innovation Grants to ensure that our farms are incentivized to improve and enact conservation initiatives and other measures of sustainability
  • Support of National Cooperative Extension System and local resources like the Cornell Cooperative Extension

Expanding Markets

  • Value-Added Producer Grants to provide additional incentives for turning grapes to wine and milk to artisan cheeses
  • Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program
  • Supporting legislation:
    • Farm to School Grant Program and Child Nutrition Act to ensure our children having better access to local, nutritious food, and make sure our farmers are paid fairly for their efforts
    • H.R. 2657 – Prime Act, which would allow states to make their own decisions about custom slaughter facilities, creating more jobs and making it easier for farmers to provide local customers with local meat

Conservation Initiatives 

  • Support Rural Energy for America Program funding, which allows farmers to produce additional revenue from developing renewable energy on their land and reduces expenses through energy conservation
  • Supporting legislation:

Our farmers need quality and affordable health insurance and care, which Medicare For All will provide

Health Care 

We must ensure that farms and vineyards are able to access the skilled and sometimes seasonal workforce required, while honoring a commitment to living wages and safe conditions