I believe that we must protect and reinvest in our public schools, ensuring that they’re student-focused and teacher-driven. Programs must have the resources they need to provide vocational skills training, with the same strong support as we provide college tracks. Students must not come out buried in debt, and we must both work to reduce higher education costs, as well as provide mechanisms to ensure higher public education for all.


I support the creation and maintenance of a universal Pre-K program

Primary and Secondary Eduation

  • Ensure that educators are provided compensation that is competitive with private-sector industries and allows them to live comfortably in the areas where they work and offer incentives such as student loan pay-offs with term commitments
  • Encourage curricula that encourages critical thinking and collaborative project-based learning
  • Advocate for increased funding to support vocational and technical training programs, as well as networking with local related businesses
    • Increase support of and focus on the importance of secondary-education guidance counselors
  • Advocate for increased funding to STEM integration programming and tracks within public education, including physical and staff resources
  • Advocate for provision of need-based funding for nutritionally higher-quality breakfast and lunch assistance
  • Advocate for provision of need-based after-school programming
  • Advocate for not imposing unfunded federal mandates on schools, as well as providing funding for those currently in place

Work toward College for All

As certain career paths are not offered at public institutions, we must figure out a method of applying public credits to private institutions, as well as state schools.

  • Consideration for students being charged what they could earn while working full-time during summer break and part-time during the academic year
  • Must address the explosive rise in the cost of higher education before committing tax payers to foot the bill
  • Supporting legislation:
    •   H.R. 1880 – College For All Act
      • Amends Higher Education Act to cover College for All for those families making less than $125,000 per year