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Justice Democrats, a national political action committee

“We are excited to endorse Ian Golden’s campaign for Congress,” said JD Director Alexandra Rojas. “Justice Democrats strongly believe that Democrats with a real message have the best shot of winning. Ian’s message of addressing income inequality, providing health care for all, and a strong public education system are clearly resonating across this upstate district. His passion and authenticity are a step toward healing this country and a more just world.”

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New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN)

NYPAN is a statewide organization built upon local chapter affiliates. Three NYPAN chapters are in New York's 23rd District, and all endorsed Ian Golden as the candidate who best represents the organization's vision and mission of a safe, just, and sustainable world. NYPAN mobilizes citizens and advocates for — and defends — the well-being of the people within its communities, and seeks to facilitate constructive dialogue in order to promote progressive unity.


Cornell chapter of the College Democrats of America

The Cornell Democrats are thrilled to endorse Ian Golden for New York's 23rd Congressional District. We are excited by his progressive agenda to confront the rising cost of higher education and make college more accessible by supporting the College For All Act. Moreover, Ian's willingness to discuss aspects of his privilege and eagerness to listen to people with diverse identities make him a role model for what politicians ought to be.

Maya Cutforth, Vice President

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Rich John, Tompkins County Legislator

I have known Ian Golden for many years as a local businessman and fellow runner.  He is smart, energetic, open minded, and engaged in our community. As his business is in my local Tompkins County district, I have spoken with him often about the challenges of success in a small company. He meets a payroll. The simple name-calling that Tom Reed has taken up is farcical. Ian would actually represent us, rather than the out-of-district donors that Tom Reed is dependent upon. Real representation is what we should want, and certainly deserve. Ian is the real deal. 

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don barber, retired town of caroline supervisor

Ian, like his competition for the Democratic nomination, comes to this campaign with no prior experience in running for elected office. This should never be seen as an impediment, as every elected official started from that same point. All the candidates are getting on-the-job training and developing with each passing day. Ian is visibly growing into this new role. 
What makes each candidate unique? Their life’s experiences and values. Ian’s life experiences include owning a small business and having the discipline to be a runner who has already run the length of the 23rd District. And his three key values are reflected in his core beliefs, and speak to concerns and insecurities that we are all facing: climate change is the greatest threat to humanity we have faced, health care must change from a privilege to a right, and we are stronger together than we are alone.


Ian Golden is exactly what we need in our Congress right now: someone with intelligence but grounded in our communities. Ian has his hand on pulse of our district because he is one of us. He and his wife are raising a young family and understand what it means to work longer and harder just to stay afloat. I support Ian in the primary on June 26th because authenticity and trust are what voters respond to and how we will win in November. Ian Golden has all of this in spades.

Jenniffer L. Mullen, RN, MSN, Corning Town Councilwoman and  Professor of Nursing

I would like to take this time to offer my full support behind the campaign of Ian Golden for the NY 23rd Congressional District. Having met and worked alongside Ian I have seen his dedication and compassion for the constituents of the 23rd District. Ian is a business owner who truly wants to give back to our community and bring positive change to our district. He is a dedicated and determined person who is working diligently to try to support local programs and endeavors to better our area. Ian has a keen business sense, compassion for people nationwide and knows the importance of building up the area and supporting the people in it.

I am proud to send my full support for Ian Golden to run and win the primary for the NY 23rd District Congressional race. There is not a candidate whom I can possibly see doing a better job!

Lorraine Dias, village of south corning trustee

Ian Golden ran 400 miles across eleven counties of the 23rd Congressional District last year to talk to people. Think about that. He jogged 400 miles to meet and listen to people like me and you.

Ian is like so many of us. He had a rural, working class upbringing. He moved to Tompkins County over twenty years ago to go to school. He married, settled down, and he and his wife are raising two young daughters there. He worked in the healthcare field with autistic children for ten years before he started his first small business. It’s because of his daughters and his concern for their future that Ian decided he had to step up and run for Congress.

Unlike other candidates in this race, Ian isn’t a doctor or a lawyer. He doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend to try to get your vote. He has something which cannot be bought and cannot be faked. Ian has heart. Unlike others, he doesn’t show up at an event, “walk through it” briefly for photo opportunities, and then brag about it on social media. He is almost always the last one to leave the room so that he can connect with everyone. He doesn’t seek out the spotlight for himself, but rather shines a light on others. He has connected better with farmers, laborers, union workers, and rural voters than any other candidate. He has a depth of knowledge, not just about the issues, but about solutions. He is relatable. He cares about the struggles the people of the 23rd face everyday because he is facing those same hurdles.

Barbara (Bee) Keck, Hammondsport Village Trustee

Ian Golden is by far our best chance at defeating Tom Reed in November. I support Ian in the Democratic Primary for Congress on June 26th because he brings to the table a fresh new vision and energy that we so desperately need in our national discussion. His authenticity and natural ability to relate to people of all walks of life is what resonates with the voters across our district. With Ian, you have someone who is committed to making daily life better for all constituents, not just those who vote for him. I’ve seen him visit places that I’ve never seen a candidate for any office visit, let alone one running for a federal position.

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Gloria Sanchez, friend and Executive Assistant to Ian and Brian

I have known Ian for many years. I run with him, but we've always talked about political platforms and strategies; I know he is a sensible man of great integrity who works hard for his family and community. I am an immigrant from Mexico, and I must renew my work permit annually while waiting for my residency permit. Since I have worked with Ian's campaign, I have discovered again and again that I’m NOT powerless as an immigrant, when it comes to bringing a positive change in my community and making sure my four kids’ and my future is brighter and more promising. I have worked harder and for longer hours on this campaign than for anything else I have worked for in my whole life (minus being a mother, of course!). Through being his friend for years, I know what he stands for, and I know he will try to make the right choice consistently, so that what we need in our district can be delivered in due time.