Across our district, particularly in the agricultural sector, employees have come to rely on seasonal workforces, and often those workers are migrants. We must ensure that migrant workforces don’t displace domestic workers by way permitting unlivable wages or conditions, and we must also ensure that our businesses have access to needed worker numbers. We must also ensure that international trade practices do not fuel races to the economic bottom, which yield mass migrations of workers displaced from jobs in their home economies. Further, if we’re to hit gross domestic product targets underpinning current economic models, and acknowledge a decline in domestic birthrates, we must bring additional workers into our economy.

Fair Trade and Labor Practices

Guest Worker and Visa Programs

  • Ensure that our employers such as farms are able to find a sufficient, sometimes seasonal, workforce
  • Ensure living wages paid by all employers to curtail demand for undocumented low-wage employees and potential displacement of domestic workers

Pathways to Residency and Citizenship

Supporting Legislation:

  • Enact provisions of an update to H.R. 3440 – Dream Act of 2017
    • Provides pathway to citizenship
      • Youth entered under age 18
      • In U.S. for four continuous years before enactment
      • Conditional permanent residency if currently unlawful status
      • Not convicted of a crime
    • Lawful permanent residency if 8-year period of conditional permanent residence showing degree, work, military
    • U.S. citizenship if legal permanent residence status of 5 years
  • H.R. 4944 – Reuniting Families Act
    • Reclassification as immediate relatives
    • Repeal of country limits
    • Recapture of unused immigrant visas

Maintain funding for proven security measures, including:

  • Customs agents
  • Radar technology
  • Patrol Boats
  • Surveillance aircraft
  • Remote video surveillance

Border Security