Priorities for our District

Rebuilding Communities

Improving our local economies will require that we rebuild our communities from the ground up. We must prioritize infrastructure that will support anticipated changes in technology, energy, and climate. We must protect our residents' careers by proactively retraining workers, retrofitting manufacturers, and protecting our unions at the federal level. We can improve the health of our workers and unlock the potential of entrepreneurs if we move toward a more efficient model of health care. We must demand nothing less than Medicare For All. We must ensure that our farmers have all that they need to expand their markets both locally and internationally. We must provide our youth with the vocational training required for these demands and we must protect our public schools, because all students deserve the opportunity to build our future. We must end the partisan gerrymandering of congressional districts and the resulting divisiveness in our communities. 


Rebuilding our economy

  • Invest in comprehensive infrastructure, including broadband
  • Invest in our workers and manufacturers 
  • Invest in manufacturing and local partnerships
  • Invest in innovation and technology 
  • Invest in local networks and resources
  • Pursue a federal jobs guarantee

investing in health and care

  • Support H.R. 676 Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act
  • Support a “public-option” buy-in during the transition
  • In the meantime, protect and fund the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and Medicaid 
  • Ensure physicians and medical centers receive fair reimbursement for their skills and facilities
  • Continue support for the New York Health Act, and, at the federal level, sign off on the waivers needed for NYS to enact it
  • Pursue the funding and education needed to treat opioid addiction, and reduce the supply of opioids from pharmaceutical companies and physicians' offices
savoy cabbage

investing in agriculture 

  • Resource acquisition
  • Expansion of local and international markets
  • Conservation initiatives
  • Health care
  • Comprehensive immigration reform


  • Formation of universal Pre-K
  • Increase support for career and vocational training
  • Strengthen Pell Grants
  • Work toward college for all

'Government Of, By, and for the People'

  • Reform campaign finance and election laws
  • Expand voting rights and access
  • Support legislation that champions racial equality, women's and gender equality, and equality regardless of sexual orientation 

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

  • Support fair trade and labor practices
  • Prioritize sovereign nations and communities over corporations
  • Maintain and better guest worker program and visa program revisions
  • Create and maintain pathways to residency and citizenship 
  • Maintain funding for proven border security measures