Videos and Interviews 

Our District is Ready for Change

At the last forum in the race, organized by the League of Women Voters, at the GreenStar Space in Ithaca, Ian speaks to why he's the representative our district deserves.

Ian speaks to local and national issues 

Ian speaks at the Chautauqua County Democratic Committee Annual Banquet 

Ian Gives Credit Where it's Due

"I'm here because I'm really intent on making a difference, run a solid race, and represent change and new energy."

Interview with Liz Benjamin on Spectrum's Capital Tonight on March 19

Stepping Forward with a New Vision: Integrity, Genuineness

Ian Golden's closing remarks at the NY 23rd Congressional District Primary Debate in Elmira on March 14.

The Democratic Party has Taken Unions for Granted

"I'm grateful for all of you being on the frontlines, for protecting wages and conditions."

Congressional Primary Debate on March 14 in Elmira

My name is ian golden

"I'm thankful for all of you, I'm thankful to be part of the change."

Corning Democrats Forum on March 12